Caique Behavior and Training


Caique parrots are very affectionate and social birds. In the wild White bellied Caiques generally live in pairs or small flocks and Black headed Caiques will live in flocks or family groups of as many as 30 birds.

Caiques love interacting with people and with other birds however they can be somewhat aggressive toward other birds. Because of this Caiques should not be left alone with other pets.

Caique parrots are very intelligent and enjoy learning and showing off their tricks. They are, however, very strong-willed and will need a firm hand in training and in any interaction. Timid handling of a Caique can cause it to become aggressive toward humans.

Give a newly purchased Caique a few days to adjust to its new cage and environment before handling it. If the Caique was handfed as a baby it can probably be handled immediately and may not need much taming.

Allow your new Caique to learn to trust you before beginning any training. Most parrots, including Caiques, seem to be more open to training at night with sessions lasting only about 20 minutes at a time. The first thing you should teach your Caique is to accept a treat from your hand. After the Caique will readily accept treats from you, begin teaching him to step up on your hand. When the Caique does step up on your hand, offer him a treat as a reward. Walnuts are great rewards for Caiques.

Caiques love to chew and to climb. Their cage should be a minimum of 24 X 24 X 24 with enough room for them to spread their wings and their tails should not drag on the bottom of the cage. Caiques are great chewers so the cage should be chew resistant metal. They will need at least two perches, one low enough for them to reach food and water and one high so that they can use it for a roost. They will chew on their perches so perches made of natural materials are best. Perches made of fruit wood, poplar and willow will help them keep their feet and beaks in shape.


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