Choose from Awesome Jack in the Box Salads

Grilled Chicken Salad

“Delicate and Luscious~”With romaine, iceberg, and spring lettuce arranged with ripe tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh cucumbers, carrots, and topped with steaming hot, grilled chicken strips, it’s a modern treat. Jack in the Box offers you tangy ‘low fat’ Balsamic dressing and decorated with gourmet, specially-seasoned croutons. This truly is healthy dine for you! Not to mention that the Grilled Chicken Salad, like all of the salads Jack in the Box has to offer, is a delightful source in potassium and a delicious way to get your vegetables daily with taste!


Chicken Club Salad

“Tasty with a side of Bacon!”The Chicken Club Salad offers you and your family another luxurious blend of delicious lettuces; romaine, iceberg, and spring, with a taste of delightful Ranch. This mouthwatering combination showcases a choice of grilled or crispy chicken strips which will certainly make a loud ‘crunch’ at your first bite! Now, add some side-toppings of nice grape tomatoes, crunchy bacon pieces, ripe, red onions, and the milky yellow cheddar cheese, and you get the ultimate plate!Jack in the Box also sprinkles some of its gourmet, toasty croutons for a nice, zesty snack on top of your salad! Isn’t that nice?
Southwest Chicken Salad

“Delectable, Salad from the South!”This mouth-warming dish a perfect, even mix of complementing iceberg, romaine, and spring lettuce provided by Jack in the Box for all salads in the menu! Pick between two tantalizing pieces of either crisp, delightful chicken strips or grilled and steamy! Matched with the superb assortment of spicy, buttery pepper jack cheese, southern roasted corn, tasteful onions, black beans, and tart red tomatoes, this is a great dish for you to choose!Also glazed over is a creamy, Southwestern dressing made for this specific salad, accompanying it with an unforgettable spicy corn! 934 mg units of potassium is enough to start your amazing diet, but with 0 trans fat and only 136 calories from a full-sized dish? Even if you’re not starting to eat less, you have to at least try Jack in the Box’s Southwest Chicken Salad.
Side Salad

“A Yummy Side for your Day”A nice, watery romaine and iceberg lettuce blend with cute grape tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and farmers’ fresh carrot, this side dish will be the perfect addition to your Jack in the Box meal! It, like all other salads, is lightly sprinkled with Jack in the Box’s great, gourmet-seasoned croutons and served with sharp ranch that’ll make you see stars!This is by far the healthiest meal you’ll ever come across with a cheaper price than most. Packed with only 21 calories, 234 mg units of potassium, and no cholesterol or fat, it’ll be a necessity to stop by Jack in the Box and order this signature salad!