Enjoy Jack in the Box Shakes and Desserts

There are several shakes and desserts that are offered in jack in the box. The jack in the box shakes and desserts are as follows.

Mini cookies

The mini cookies offered at jack in the box are made of chocolate and chocolate chips which are coated with candy. One serving size is made of 5 pieces of cookies and they contain a nutritional value of 318 calories, 13G of fat, 4MG of cholesterol, 165MG of sodium, 81MG of potassium, 47MG of carbohydrates, 2G fiber, 27G sugars and 3G of proteins.

Mini churros

Mini churros are also served in 5 pieces. Theyhave been filled with cinnamon sugars and they contain a total of 347 calories. The calories from fat are 165 and the total fat is 18G. In these 18G, there are 3G of saturated fat. Other nutritional values include: 6MG of cholesterol, 276MG of sodium, 57MG potassium, 42G carbohydrates, 2G fiber, 12G sugars and 4G of proteins.

NY style cheesecake

This creamy cheesecake has a graham cracker crust and is served only in 1 piece. It has a total of 310 calories with 155 of them coming from fat. The total fat is 17G and the saturated fat is 9G. Other nutrients include: 264MG sodium, 166MG potassium, 32G carbohydrates, 1G fiber, 22G sugars and 7G of proteins.

Chocolate overload cake

This one piece cake is made of cocoa, chocolate chips which are bittersweet and has been iced with chocolate butter cream. It contains a total of 302 calories of which 60 come from fat. Total fat is 7G and 2G of these are saturated fats. This cake has 38MG of cholesterol, 347MG of sodium, 259MG of potassium, 57G of carbohydrates, 2G fiber, 34G sugars and 4G of protein.

Oreo cookie ice cream shake

It has been made with pieces of Oreo cookies, maraschino cherry and vanilla ice cream. A regular serving is made of 16 fl. Oz. and it contains 796 calories, 43G of fat, 84MG of cholesterol, 361MG of sodium, 596MG potassium, 92G carbohydrates, 74G sugar and 12G of proteins.

Strawberry Ice Cream Shake

The 16fl. Oz. serving is also made of maraschino cherry, vanilla ice cream and strawberry syrup. One serving has a total of 761 calories, 38G of fat, 84MG of cholesterol, 236MG sodium, 596MG potassium, 97G carbohydrates, 83G of sugars and 11G of proteins.

Chocolate ice cream shake

The ingredients are chocolate syrup, maraschino cherry and vanilla ice cream with a whipped topping. A 16 fl. Oz. serving contains 781 calories, 38G fat, 84MG cholesterol, 285MG sodium, 701 MG potassium, 103G carbohydrates, 1G fiber, 89G sugars and 12G proteins.

Vanilla ice cream shake

It is also made with the same ingredients as those of the other ice cream shakes and it contains 684 calories, 38G of fat, 84G cholesterol, 233G sodium, 596MG potassium, 78G carbohydrates, 64G sugars and 11G of proteins

Root beer float

This one is made of barq’s root beer and ice cream. Its nutritional contents are: 355 calories, 17G fat, 46MG cholesterol, 125Mg sodium, 45G carbohydrates, 38G sugars and 6G proteins.