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The ease with which consumers can apply for an Arizona payday loan online is one of the main contributing factors to the increase in popularity of these credit facilities. Pay day loans are normally available to people who need urgent cash to cater for emergencies. The money borrowed plus the related fees must be repaid at the end of the month when the next pay-check arrives.  It is important to note that when you are broke in the middle of the month, but need to pay utility bills or medical bills, payday loans can be a lifesaver.

Arizona Payday Loan Law Overview

Before applying for this type of credit, it is important that you understand how they work. For instance, you should know that each state, including Arizona, has its own specific rules regarding the terms and conditions of payday loans. The law restricts lenders from lending more than 500 dollars to consumers. The minimum loan term under state law is five days. This means that lenders cannot ask borrowers to repay the cash advanced to them before this period expires.

While the cash advanced may be due at the end of the month, borrowers can ask for extensions if they are not able to service their loans. It is important to note that Arizona law has provisions for rollovers and extensions. For instance, borrowers have a right to three rollovers and extensions. However, the lender also has the right to charge a fee of up to 15 percent of the value of the outstanding amount.

Different lenders have different APRs and fee schedules. The good news is that the State of Arizona has strict rules regarding the annual percentage rate. For instance, lenders can charge APRs of up to 459 percent on a 100 dollar loan held for 14 days. There are many other rules that prospective borrowers should know about before applying for a cash advance loan.

How To Apply

Most lending firms now have websites that are optimized for search engines. This means that they can be found easily by consumers all over the country. The internet has made the process of applying for loans very easy. Consumers can now get a cash advance loan within a few hours by simply filling out an online form and submitting it. No faxing of documents is required provided, your information checks out.


When you find yourself broke in-between paychecks, applying for an Arizona payday loan online might just save the day. This will enable you to fix your car, pay emergency medical or dental bills, pay utility bills, or simply keep your bank account on the positive to avoid hefty overdraft charges levied by most banking institutions.

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