Munchie Meals

If you are student cramming for your exams until the morning, a gamer who cannot leave his computer for long to make a decent meal, or just a party-goer jamming with friends all night, then Jack’s Munchie Meals will satisfy your growling stomach and give you the energy you need to stay up a little bit longer without hunger on your mind. These meals are served with halfsies, two delicious tacos, and a drink. The burgers and fillings are bigger and thicker to give customers full satisfaction and full value.

The Jack Munchie Meals come in four unique varieties in generous amounts for an average eater that will leave them coming back for more.

Grilled Cheese Burger Munchie Meal 

This munchie meal is made up of sourdough cheese on top and cheeseburger at the bottom. This comes with halfsies, two delicious tacos, and a soda of your choice. The taco is filled with a slice of cheese, lettuce, and taco sauce. The haflsies are curly fries that are seasoned. This is available after nine o’clock at night.

Cheesy Chicken Munchie Meal

For people who love cheese and cheesy foods, Cheesy Chicken Munchie Meal is the answer to their cravings. This is a chicken sandwich with fresh mozzarella cheese sticks and white cheese sauce. Served with halfsies, two delicious tacos, and a drink fountain drink, this is one hearty and satisfying meal to reckon with.

3. Brunch Special Burger Munchie Meal

Sometimes you feel the pangs of hunger while it is too late for breakfast, but too early for lunch. Grabbing this tasty brunch burger meal may be your best option. A combination of food usually eaten for breakfast and lunch, this burger has fried egg and hash brown to stop your stomach from growling. With two tacos, halfsies, and a drink, you’ll find yourself ready to go back to what you have been doing.

Super Packed Nuggets Munchie Meal

Once more, people who like cheesy foods will surely love this concoction. Chicken nuggets covered with generous amount of cheese in two kinds, with bacon and ranch, is a great way of curbing hunger. Served with Munchie Meal basics, two tacos, halfsies, and drinks, this is one good meal for the hungry.

These Munchie Meals are only available from 9 PM. Order them inside a box, take them out and attack them in the privacy of your home. The next time you feel pangs of hunger, grab one of Jack’s Munchie Meals.