My Vanilla Debit Card

Consumer affairs regarding my Vanilla debit card


MyVanilla is the card which helps to manage the money and keeps track of your expenses, spending and more! myVanilla provides flexibility to you and keep your account details safe and conveniently at your fingertips. My Vanilla debit card enables customers for direct deposit, easy to reload money in vanilla card, card to card transfers are easy. You will receive account alerts and download mobile app so that you can monitor your account and keep track of it.

Free direct deposit

It’s very easy to perform the direct deposits to your vanilla card. Government also provide benefits and also tax benefits on myVanilla card. It’s very efficient to use. No deduction on balance inquiry and you can transfer the funds easily and in faster way. So save your time get your Vanilla card today.

Reload vanilla

Funds can easily be reloaded into vanilla card. Vanilla retailers are available nationwide so cash can be loaded any time. Famous retailers of vanilla are:-

  • Walmart
  • CVS pharmacy
  • 7eleven
  • Family dollar
  • Rite aid
  • Dollar gener
  • Walgreens


ATMs are available worldwide so you can access and see your funds at any ATM. You don’t have to pay any surcharge fees in order to use any Money Pass Network ATM. Cash will be available to you easily through myVanilla debit card accessing any ATM retailer.

Mobile App

One of the best advantages provided to our customers is the mobile application which is free to download and you can easily manage all your expenses and monitor your record. Transactions can be viewed and you can even locate Vanilla reload retailers easily. This method is very quick, easy, convenient and efficient to use because your account is at your palm.

Card to card

Card to card transfers is the main advantage of myVanilla debit card. You can receive and send money easily to your friends and family. It is one of the secured funds transfer method. Even bills can be paid through vanilla card.

Grab your card

If you haven’t apply for the myVanilla card so don’t waste your time. Enjoy our services by setting up your account on our website and activate your myVanilla card. Starter card is available at retailer stores as well but the personalized cards will be delivered to your doorsteps. You are just few steps away from managing your money and account. You don’t have to pay any extra fees, no monthly charges, no balance inquiry charges, no purchasing fees just enroll yourself online.


MyVanilla debit card,myVanilla visa card and myVanillaMasterCard service is not available in Vermont only. However the visa card is issued by the USA Bancorp Bank and license is also issued so that my Vanilla debit card are accepted all over the nation. The distribution and the services provided regarding card issues are by InComm Financial Services which is further licensed by the New York state department as a Money Transmitter.