Get Free Tacos Taking the Jack in the Box Survey

Jack in the box Inc is a chain of restaurants that was founded in 1951 by Robert O. Peterson. The year 1999 is when the fictional founder jack was publicly declared. The restaurants operate in 46 states across United States and their fast-serve locations can be found in 21 states. The restaurants serve a variety of delicacies which include specialty sandwiches, tacos, hamburgers, salads, chicken nuggets, ice cream shakes and other foods. The restaurants’ hamburger selection includes the 100% Sirloin burger, Jumbo Jack®, Sourdough Jack®, and also Ultimate Cheeseburger.

You can enjoy any of these special delicacies, then by taking their online survey you will get 2 tacos free of charge. The following steps on how to take the online survey will help you get a pair of free tacos on your next visit to one of their establishments.
Requirements For Free Tacos:

  • Internet connected laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • current receipt
  • current receipt’s 11 digit code
  • an email address
  • personal information

How To Take The Questionnaire For 2 Free Tacos

  1. Copy, then paste the address into your browser or click on it.
  2. Find the box with “Click Here” option to continue.
  3. Enter the digit code with 11 characters found on your latest receipt. The receipt shows that it’s valid for 3 days following the latest date.
  4. Verify the restaurant location you went to by clicking on the circle named “yes”.
  5. Enter the time and date as shown on your receipt and state what you did such as Dine In, Carry Out or Drive Thru.
  6. Answer given two questions regarding your order.
  7. Continue after clicking the red button.
  8. On the next screen, rate your satisfaction level
  9. Check provided list and put satisfaction level.
  10. Confirm by answering your likelihood to return.
  11. Put other details if any regarding your visit.
  12. Answer the following question and continue after pressing the red button.
  13. Answer other 3 questions that will follow and continue after pressing the red button.
  14. You will receive a validation code with 4 digits which you should note down on your receipt.
  15. Carry the receipt on your upcoming visit which should be within 7 days and celebrate your 2 free tacos with the next purchase at Jack in the Box.

Remember that this survey works both ways. Give them valuable information that they will use to help better serve you in the future, and earn your reward for taking a few moments to complete the questionnaire honestly.